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James Cardoza Produce Sales provides California grown produce, fruit, nuts, and vegetables to California restaurants and grocery stores, and directly to consumers.

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Buy California Produce, Fruit, Nuts, and Vegetables

Consumers, Small Grocery Store Owners, and Restaurant Owners: Place your order now by calling or text messaging 559-681-3311

For current price lists and availability, please visit: Facebook.com/JamesCardozaProduce

Payment Methods Accepted: Zelle (preferred), Venmo, CashApp, PayPal, Debit Card / Credit Card, and (for in-person orders only) cash. Business check, personal check, or credit sales may be available for established, repeat customers. For larger credit sales a review of financial statements and credit reference(s) may be required.

Sell California Produce, Fruit, Nuts, and Vegetables

California growers, packers, and foodprocessors, get signed up as an input supplier by calling or text messaging 559-681-3311 or emailing James@JamesCardoza.com


James Cardoza Produce Sales travels throughout California to find growers - large and small - who seek to flatten out distribution channels and get their farm produce, fruit, nuts, and vegetables to consumers in the most direct path possible. James Cardoza Produce Sales then notifies consumers, restaurants, and small grocery stores on a daily or weekly basis what produce, fruit, nuts, and vegetables are available in each market at what prices, and then after taking daily orders, purchases the produce, fruit, nuts, and vegetables from California farmers and food processors and delivers it directly to the consumers, restaurants, and small grocery stores.

About James Cardoza

James Cardoza grew up on a dairy and row crop farm in Tulare County, California. Over the years, he has worked in both agricultural and non-agricultural jobs. His most recent agriculture-related job before starting James Cardoza Produce Sales and his other direct-to-consumer business, Cardoza Distributing, was as a Vice President and Agribusiness Consultant for the largest agricultural and agribusiness lender in the USA. In that role, he worked with CEOs and CFOs of large food and agribusiness processors, distributors, importers, and exporters as well as with dairy farmers and hay exporters throughout the Western USA.

James Cardoza holds a BSC in Finance, Magna Cum Laude, from Santa Clara University, a Master of Business Administration, With Distinction, from California State University Fresno, Craig School of Business, and a Juris Doctor from Northwestern California University School of Law.

James Cardoza is also the publisher of a Full Size Annual Calendar Book and Planner designed specifically for executives, small business owners, and sales professionals (See: JamesCardoza.com/planner), and operates the agricultural and agribusiness industry online classified ads website AgribusinessListings.com, where anyone needing to buy or sell something related to agriculture can post a 90 day ad for just $5.

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